Using web video to build sales

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Generate more sales

Video now has a crucial role to play in the sales cycle. Use it to drive people to your website via YouTube or Facebook. Use it on LinkedIn as part of your blog. Check out your competitors. They have videos…so make yours better, more appealing and with an unmissable call to action.

Increase your conversion rate from leads to sales?

What better way to respond to an enquiry than to send a video link after the contact. A professional video on your website is essential for generating enquires so why not follow up with a link to an ‘extended version’ or even a compilation video with testimonials from satisfied customers. What a great tool for ‘just keeping in touch’.

Reduce the cost of your demonstrations?

Video can act as a magnet and a filter. Use it to filter out the prospects that have no real interest and to attract those who are serious about buying. Remember, a product demonstration video which doesn’t tell the whole story may sound incomplete but it can be a great way to generate buyer’s questions. Video will also save you time and money on the road by demonstrating products that are either too big or too costly to transport for a speculative demonstration. How about a two minute ‘virtual factory tour’ as a prelude to a prospect meeting?

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Who exactly is your target audience?

No, not ‘the general public’ or ‘our staff’ that’s just too vague. Be specific. Describe the ideal customer as a person. Gender, age, favourite magazine/newspaper/websites, habits, tv shows etc. Who exactly do you want to watch your video and why. Answers to these questions will dictate the pace, style and duration of your video.

How will they find your video?

Use YouTube for search engine optimisation but use Vimeo for the videos on your website. Why, because a) these are two different videos and b) you have no control over your video on YouTube. Check it out. Your competitors are right there on the same page as you. Not good. Call us for our YouTube trick sheet on how to fool the web crawler and SEO spiders.

What precise reaction is required, immediately and later on?

Decide what you want your target audience to do immediately after watching your video. Is it click on a link? Google your company name? Share the link? Now decide on what you want them to remember a week after watching. That’s your video theme right there.

Is there a 'call to action'?

If there isn’t, then don’t waste your time or money producing a video for sales purposes. The golden rule in selling is ‘make it easy to buy’. No viewer should find themselves asking what do I do now? Tell them where to click. Learn from the big retailers e.g. 2 metre high signs which say PAY HERE. Even on point of sale videos the cliché “Now take one to your nearest cashdesk” is proven to work.

How can viewers respond?

On sites that allow you to describe your video content you can add a link which takes viewers to your website. Some, such as YouTube, allow you to add a clickable link in the video frame after you have uploaded it. Others, like Vimeo, allow you to choose what the viewer sees once the video finishes. Whichever you choose, you must have a system in place which tells you who is watching, and how they found your video. In this way you can adjust your video content to favour the most popular source of clicks.

Is your USP clear?

Your Unique Selling Proposition should be the key theme to your video. Viewers should never be more than 20 seconds away from it. Repeat it as often as you like. Remember, people are only going to watch your video once. That’s one pass to put your message across.

Does the style and design of the video match your literature?

It is important that your video matches your website in colours, fonts, imagery etc. Why? Because it removes one more barrier to buying. It’s a layer of branding which you can control. It means don’t put home-made videos on your website. Your visitor recognises them even if they can’t vocalise what is wrong and it detracts from your image.

Does the tone of the video match your corporate voice?

Music, voice-over, pace and style of the script, colours, fonts, transitions in the video, camera work, editing etc. must all match the ‘personality’ of your company. If they don’t there will be a tension that will work against your selling efforts.